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A general rule for snow tubing is that fresh natural snow makes the tube runs slower, not faster.  Very cold weather and evening tubing generally means faster runs.  A medium temp day with the sun out may also make for faster runs as the top layer of snow may melt just a little and increase the speed.  It is always a good idea to walk down and check things out for yourself before you purchase your ticket.

Descend over 1000 feet and a 250 vertical foot grade!

** see "hours of operation" tab for special Tubing Dates / Times and hours

Zero Gravity Tube Park FAQs

Is there an age requirement for tubing? 
Ski Mystic Resort and Zero Gravity Tube Park has a age requirement of 3 years or older. We do not have a height requirement.  We expect people to use common sense and good judgment. Remember that only one person is allowed per tube. If you are bringing younger children, the adult should hold on to the child's tube. This is important also to help the child get up at the bottom, out of the tube and walk safely in the right direction to go to the tube lift again.

Can more than one person ride in a tube?
We allow one person per tube. We do allow several tubes to "link" together so a parent can hold on to their child's tube or friends can experience the ride together. However, on extreme runs, we reserve the right to determine if chaining is appropriate. Your child can ride in your lap while being towed up in your tube. A child cannot ride down the tube runs on your lap. You will be required to hang on to the tube for your child while being towed up in your tube with a child on your lap. On ascending down the tube runs, you may tether your tube to your child’s tube. Then proceed down the tube run. We recommend the parent be in the lead tube with the child trailing behind.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the conditions? 
No - it is up to the person buying the ticket to make an informed decision. Walk over to the tube park - watch the speed - see how it is going before you make your decision. We cannot make that call for you... what we think it slow, you may think is fine...what we think is fast may not be as fast as you think... Conditions change constantly throughout the day. It is best to observe before you buy

Can I bring my own sled or tube?
No - we do not allow personal sleds or tubes to be used on the tubing runs. The tube rental is included in the cost.

Can I wear hard ski boots in the tube park?
No - Hard Ski Boots are dangerous not only for the person wearing them but also for the people that might be hit by them. Soft Snowboard Boots are generally ok to tube with but any type boot can be refused if the park manager feels it poses a danger.

Does the weather affect the ride?
Yes, the weather can affect the type of ride you get down the lanes, so check the Snow Report and see if the conditions promote slow or fast tubing and take your pick! We also suggest that you walk over to the Tube park and observe for yourself before you buy because as often as the Snow Report is updated for tubing, the conditions can change many more times.

Do I need to wear special clothing?
Dress according to the weather and as if you were going sledding. We suggest dressing in layers and waterproof clothing is recommended.

Can I keep my tube?
Tubes must remain in the tubing area; you cannot bring your tube back to the lodge. Please purchase your tickets before the session begins. Session hours are posted.

Can I Tube anytime?

You can purchase a ticket mid-session, but must abide by the end time of each session.

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